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Why Are You Online?

It is very easy to get into the ‘transmit’ mindset – if you put enough stuff out there some of it will land, people will get to know about you, what you do and then buy your stuff, come to your event, download your freebie etc etc. One of the challenges with this approach is that everyone else is out there doing that too, that means there is a lot of noise ..

Creating Belonging in a Fragmented World

Belonging is a natural human need. Without it we do not thrive, and yet in a busy and sometimes overwhelming world, true belonging and the peace it brings, can be hard to find. For me, belonging is where you can show up as yourself and feel at home, you are accepted and loved for who you are, physically, emotionally, quirks & all.

The Power of Story – Part 3 of 3

Humans love stories! We love stories so much that we unconsciously create story all the time to make sense of, or give context to what we are experiencing. Story enables our brain to store and sort memories, experiences and emotions. When we don’t have the whole picture, we simply fill in the gaps – fact or truth has little to do with it.

The Power of Story – Part 2 of 3

First up, your brain is a very clever piece of kit – until it’s not. It has a sophisticated neural network as we discussed in part one of this series, the trouble is it doesn’t differentiate between real and imagined. Which basically means whatever you are thinking about, focused on or actually doing has the same amount of power over how you feel…

The Power of Story – Part 1 of 3

Storytelling seems to have been around for as long as we have. Our predecessors understood the power of story, even though they didn’t understand the neurological workings of the brain. Today there is an increasing awareness of neurobiology, here is a quick overview of why story is so important.

Strategic Blogging

Honestly, hot on the heels of an extremely busy client workload, a retreat in Marrakech and Brave CoWork’s first open day, strategic feels a bit of a stretch for me right now. I think flying by the seat of my pants probably has it covered. I believe when you are...

When Will You Ever Know Enough?

As someone who values academia, who has had the privilege of being both student and staff in the university sector, and who loves learning for its own sake, I find myself somewhat conflicted writing this article.  On the one hand learning is a justifiable activity in...

There’s No Such Thing As A ‘One Man Band’

Well ok, technically there is, but not when it comes to running a business – you might be a sole trader, solopreneur, or freelancer – this doesn’t mean you work in isolation. Increasingly, business structures and roles are becoming more fluid, people have more than...

How Accountable Are You?

Accountability is huge for small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers that I speak to. It’s also a double edged sword. Many people muddle accountability with rules, loss of freedom, and obligation – for some the exact opposite of why they went into business...

Vulnerability Is A Strength

Last week I talked about vulnerability in my online class. It struck me prior to this class that we are often taught to find the pain or vulnerability in our potential clients and market to that.  We are taught to start by helping to associate people into their pain –...