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Brave Scene Connect with Courage

For the leaders, creators, activists, inspirers – those of us on a mission to make a difference.

Whether you are part of a larger organisation, a community group or running your own show, the Braver Leaders  community is a place to connect, share wisdom and be courageous about things that matter. Curated by Lynda Holt.

All good things evolve

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About Braver Leaders

 Brave Leaders is part of The Braver Group, an award winning international development  consultancy business, established in 2001.

The community was developed in 2016 to help the leaders, activists, experts, change makers on a mission to shape and grow your impact, without compromising your values, selling your soul or settling for less than you want to achieve.  

Once you get brave enough to let go of your excuses and truly stand up for the things you believe in you will do amazing things. 

Get curious, be courageous and you will find the clarity that allows you to make the connections and contribution you are seeking.

You can work with Braver Leaders in a number of ways:

Brave Scene Online – library of business resources, expert master classes and live online classes.

Brave Boardroom – mastermind with fellow business owners and leaders, each group aims to bring together people at similar business levels but with diverse businesses. These groups are personally run by Lynda

Brave Leadership Teams – specific to your business, ideal for boards and owner operated partnerships

Brave Intensives – 90 day blended programmes, subject specific deep dive and implementation programmes with the brave experts.

1:1 Mentoring – Lynda takes a few 1:1 clients a year, people who are ready to accelerate their growth and impact and prefer to work 1:1

About Lynda

Lynda is a champion for the creative, the committed and the courageous. Her message is unequivocal, ‘show up, be brave and do what you believe in’. Twenty years as an entrepreneur has taught Lynda that it is purpose that keeps us going in tough times, it’s knowing that what we do matters, and ultimately the contribution we make is as important as the money we earn.

After a lot of conversations and coffees, Lynda’s research delivered the following; we mostly get in our own way!  With this in mind, she works with experts, leaders & business owners enabling them to get clarity about what matters to them and then to do something about it.

Lynda has written a number of books on mindset, leadership and business development; she has been featured on BBC radio, local business radio, in industry magazines and interviewed for a number TV shows.  She is a sought after international speaker, and has served as a trustee for charities supporting disadvantaged and disabled young people.

Lynda is also a big kid who loves exploring, adventuring and being awestruck. She believes we can all do amazing things if we just get brave enough to start!