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We all coast in life & business now and then and that’s ok – necessary even, but coasting as a default is a great way to stop living.

It’s almost like the more successful you are, or the more expectation you feel there is on you, the harder it is to shake things up – pursue that little voice inside that whispers “there’s more than this, you’re better than this.”

It’s like your own version of Groundhog Day – you do your stuff because you can and it’s making you money, while quietly dying inside.  

I hear over and over clients giving me all their ‘reasons’ – aka excuses, why this won’t work and that won’t work, when really there is just one problem. 


You might fear different things to me, but unattended the outcome is the same, you are stuck. Fear kills you, not physically but mentally; it steals your dreams, your confidence and eventually the life you are here to live.

Unlike physical death, you can control this – you are in charge of your habits and your thinking.

Two things keep you in control

  • Belief in possibility 
  • Courage to act. 

There’s nothing like a pandemic to bring into perspective the value of life and how we need to adapt to survive. 

I’ve seen first-hand how both health & business clients have made stuff happen that they’ve been ‘playing about with’ – (polite version) for months or even years – suddenly necessity trumped fear.

Take Katie who, like many of my clients, has a coaching business – she’s got just enough clients, a reasonable living and she is the main earner in the family. Since I’ve known her, which is a while, she’s resisted online stuff: social, zoom, video – it’s not for her! 

Almost overnight Covid-19 took away her business, and when I moved the CoWork programme she was part of online she had two choices: show up online or leave. 

She showed up and, with courage, a steep learning curve and belonging to a great online community, Katie has transformed her business. She’s online, running groups and 1:1, making more money, each week she comes on our call excited, passionate, alive – telling us about the sales she’s made and the people she’s helped – just imagining her aliveness while I’m writing this is making me smile. 

This only happened because she chose to believe it was possible, she leant into her fear and she took action. 

Don’t become one of the walking dead!

Focus on what makes you feel really alive – have the courage to poke around and explore it a bit, think about what is possible – and if someone else has done it, it’s possible. Think about what you need to make stuff happen, this might be that safe online space like Katie, it might be sharing your message out loud – don’t wait months, start now. 

We all need a bit of encouragement to stay brave and follow our dreams so join me in Braver Business – a virtual coworking group for those on a mission.

Take action now to pursue the life you are here to live.