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Rob Harrison

A degree in Social Anthropology provides the open mindedness and analysis to delve into what may seem foreign or complex.

32 years experience in agency side marketing, including: advertising, direct marketing, internal communications, PR, brand development, web, email and social media marketing. 


Using a qualitative approach based on individual and collective motivations which cements unity as part of a process that articulates valuable difference. Adding customer insights and competitor analysis to achieve a rounded, honest and compelling proposition.


As a trained mentor for Lifespace he has developed the listening and questioning skills to get to the emotive core of why people do what they do and why they do it in the way that they do. Distilling from this the valuable difference that wins them business. A valuable difference they may have lost sight of because it has become day-to-day to them, or they are so focused on delivery they forget the valuable difference their clients or customers experience.
David Wilson
David is creative partner at Glued.
David’s love for detailed information design delivers visual brands that have strong impact with all the practical tools to deliver results.
David graduated from with a First Class BA in Graphic Design from Coventry University.
Since then he’s has almost 20 year working in the design industry for creative agencies delivering marketing and branding to the likes of Vodafone, Tesco, Schlumberger, Coventry University, Purple Monster and University of Warwick Science Park.
David skills are wide ranging from print design to web site design and build picked up over the years from an innate desire to solve problems. 
David also contributes to his local community volunteering for the charity that delivers the free annual LGBT+ Pride festival in Coventry, helping to promote and market its events to the wider community. This work links nicely back to David’s core belief that everyone is unique and difference should be celebrated: from a business standpoint if you can capture that value difference and communicate that through a brand it is likely to be more authentic and of value.