Black Friday is fast approaching and you might be looking out for your next bargain or deal. It’s easy to get swept up chasing something you probably don’t need or even really want.

This year why don’t you do something different?

Across the company (Brave Scene & Health Service 360), we are launching our own Black Friday offer – we invite you to stop searching for a bargain and instead make a donation to one of the many underfunded mental health charities (or a cause important for you).

 There’s two reasons for this:

  1. Charities have been hit hard during Covid, demand has shot up and donations have fallen dramatically, leaving many struggling to do their work.
  2. Giving is good for you – you get a bigger mental wellbeing buzz from giving than from retail therapy!

Over the last 18 months much or our work has involved supporting mental wellbeing and at work at home. Loneliness has a big impact on mental health, particularly in early adulthood and later life.

Watch this video & make a call

Up to 46% of people over 75 are home alone after leaving hospital. Once the initial excitement and relief at getting back to your life fades, the reality of isolation can take its toll. 

This video is presented by Health Service 360 as part of the #EndPJparalysis campaign. This is the story of far too many older people, it’s time to change this. Every one of us can help someone stay connected to their life, their family, or their community. 

Let’s act – where we can, when we can, and together let’s reduce the crippling, and sometimes life limiting, loneliness faced by some older people

We are supporting mental health this Black Friday and would love you to join us. 

We are supporting mental health this Black Friday and would love you to join us. 

Why not make a small donation to one of the charities below, instead of buying something you really don’t need!

We’ve made it super easy, the charities below as they are dedicated to Mental Health and Loneliness. Just click on your preferred Charity and hop over to make a donation there.

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proudly supported by