BraveFest is for the courageous, the mavericks, the dreamers, the disruptors, the seekers, and the rebels, those of you prepared to hang on to your mission and your dreams, even when things are tough, when others give up or say it can’t be done.

BraveFest focuses on staying connected (or reconnecting) to your mission, your business and your dream. Your future is yours for the making, use BraveFest to craft the future you want, you deserve and deep down you know you are destined for.

 This takes guts, especially at a time like this, and you need to give yourself space – space to breath, space to explore possibility and space to expand. Hanging with people who have walked their own path and are happy to share their expertise and experiences, connecting in a safe place

BraveFest Is That Place

The future belongs to the brave – to those of us prepared to step up in difficult times, to those of us who shine a light in dark corners. It’s the creators, servers, doers and makers who show up, who are prepared to shake things up and who lift others around them who craft the future.