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19th – 21st November


Time out, perspective and space to just be yourself are critical to business success.

So, you have a level of success, a great reputation in your circle, people who rely on you – clients, family, staff, you’re good at what you do – but it doesn’t feel enough. 

You could be stuck in the the plate spinning, dizzying circus I call the daily grind. It could be that you are so busy working in your business, or creating stuff, or educating yourself that you have lost traction towards, or even sight of, your bigger vision. It’s easily done. It’s also easy to make excuses for staying stuck, to settle and to sell out on what really matters to you.

Ask yourself:

  • Are some of my habits holding me back?
  • Do I need to be or do something differently to keep my business moving forward?
  • Would my business or I benefit from some focused time away?
  • Is it time to expand my network and connect with other business owners? 
  • Do I procrastinate or make excuses when faced with good opportunities?
  • Do I need to be braver about my dreams or goals?

If you have answered yes to any of the above you may benefit from a retreat.

You often need to let go to grow – this retreat is about stopping, remembering why you do what you do, how you want to contribute and what might be in the way.

Using the five elements of braver business you’ll work on your business, connect with your vision & have a clear, implementable plan for when you emerge.


  • How you make a difference
  • What you are prepared to do and not do


  • How your stories serve you
  • Your industry norms
  • Where you might disrupt & conform


  • What you need to be braver about
  • How you put yourself ‘out there’


  • Using your business story (or why)
  • Who do you need to be telling
  • Creating belonging


  •  What matters / what difference you make
  •  How you know when you are contributing (metrics) 

Create your plan for the next 90 days / 12 months

Your Host: Lynda Holt 

“Sometimes you have to let go in order to grow. For some this means letting go of limiting beliefs, for others this is a very practical letting go ways of working which hamper business growth. However experienced, successful or knowledgeable you are you still need mental detox from time to time and being in a retreat environment is the perfect place to do this.

Retreating works when it provides the right balance of space and structure, of calm and inspiration, it works when you can be amongst people who are both on their own journey and invested in yours. I have been running retreat groups for over five years, and it has been a real honour to see the impact of these, the great plans, big ideas, practical solutions and subtle shifts people experience.

I don’t teach or sell anything I don’t practice in my own business – and I’m human too, so I get stuck, I don’t always let go of unhelpful practices or attitudes as quickly as I could, but one thing I know for sure is I am much more prone to these unhelpful behaviours when I don’t create space, or retreat – for my own growth and with my team, and to create connections with people who inspire, stretch and challenge me.

UNDONE is about exactly that – space, connection, time to explore and work on the things that really matter to you.”

Business retreats are not a luxury –

Business retreats might be seriously on trend at the moment, but they are not a luxury. Time out, perspective and space to just be you are critical to business success. A well run retreat will give you time out, space to recharge and reflect and the opportunity to focus on what you want for yourself and your business. For some this is big growth or change, for others it’s balance, or perhaps consolidation – What do you need?

Having run retreats for business owners and leaders for many years, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked – usually by people who have never been on a retreat, is ‘is this not just an expensive jolly?’ For me the answer is clear, it is about return on investment, and there are two kinds of return, financial and mental wellbeing. Before I invest in myself I ask if it will improve my bottom line, either directly or through my growth, and let’s face it sometimes you just need time out of the daily grind to recharge, focus and then move forward.

I believe good retreats should have a focus, a purpose, whether that be a specific skill area or a specific state.

This retreat is about being brave enough to do what you believe in.

What Previous Retreat Members Have To Say:

Five Reasons to Retreat

1.  You are away from your comfortable little bubble – you know the one, the bustle of everyday life, commitments and demand; it’s very easy to get stuck in busy-ness and lose sight of your bigger vision. It’s a great safety net, but often disastrous for you and your business in the longer term.

2. Learning – sounds obvious, but you don’t know what you don’t know. Working with others will open new avenues, help you explore different ways of doing the same stuff and push you to think bigger if you want.

3. Detox your mind – retreating gives you the chance to unload, examine and clean out your mental ‘desktop’. I’m talking about those stories you carry around, stuff you’ve absorbed from those around you, and the endless internal noise that stops you being your best. You can’t force creativity (and that includes creative and expansive thinking), you need to give yourself space to grow. This kind of development is work too!

4. Learning – sounds obvious, but you don’t know what you don’t know. Working with others will open new avenues, help you explore different ways of doing the same stuff and push you to think bigger if you want.

5. Connection – connecting with others who might have different experiences and solutions for some of the challenges or aspirations you have. A good retreat group can act as your sounding board, give you inspiration and create accountability

Being real is critical to a productive retreat, that means you show up, you are honest about challenges, aspirations, and fears and you commit up for being you for you.

The Detail:


UNDONE is being held in the very beautiful and private Villa Dinari, Marrakech. It is runs from 19th – 21st November. designed to be an intimate small group, with no more than six businesses participating. The cost is £799.

This includes quality retreat time working on your business in a small group, accommodation for three nights, all meals, tea coffee & water throughout the day. The cost excludes flights (which are currently around £80 form London), alcoholic drinks, and VAT. To make things super easy, we can arrange transfers from the airport through the villa, as well as extra nights should you choose to stay before or after the retreat. Places are by application. 

Special offer:  Bring a partner, key staff member, or your spouse for £100, they must be working in the same business, and share a room with you.