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Lynda Holt Speaker

Lynda Holt Speaker

Lynda Holt – Speaker

*Copied and pasted from quote on BraveFest page* – “I am super excited about Brave Fest, mostly because it’s my ideal business event. If we want things to be different we have to be different – and lets face it that can be easier said than done if we are stuck in the same routines and patterns.

You know, running a business is an adventure – and like all good adventures, it’s exciting, challenging, fun and seriously scary some of the time! To grow, stay fulfilled and have an impact, you need to invest in yourself give yourself the time. space and freedom to do what you are here to do.

Often, the difference between success and struggle is simply rocking up and being braver about the action you take. Yet there are all sorts of excuses that get in the way.