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cowork and coffee

Space and perspective are always important, particularly in what I call ‘the mess in the middle’. That period of time where we might not be in acute crisis anymore, but we are nowhere near resolution yet. This space and perspective is what Co work & coffee is about.

Most of us are so over talking about lockdown, easing measures etc etc – don’t get me wrong – it’s still serious – in terms of the virus, mental health and finances, but really do we need our mailboxes and our conversation consumed by it?

I’m a great believer in focusing on the stuff we can do something about, like staying connecting with people, having meaningful conversation and momentum – even if it is only the tiniest of shuffles in the right direction.

With this in mind – I’ve restarted the CoWork sessions – a bit like those we held during the first lockdown.

The aim is to create space for you to explore what’s possible right now, what you might need to let go of and where to put your energy – expect support and a bit of a shove if you need it.


I’m a great believer in collective wisdom, in sharing what we know and sparking off each other. Like before, there is no charge to be part of this – all I ask is you come prepared to connect and contribute and together we’ll get creative.

I’m looking forward to catching up with you – all you need to do is register here and we’ll email you all you need.