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Real success is having the courage and the freedom to do the things that really matter to you 

Brave Scene, Bruce Lodge, Bishopton Lane,  Stratford upon Avon

Call: 01789 205178

Ways you can work with us

Brave Scene Online – library of business resources, expert master classes and live online classes.

Brave Boardroom – mastermind with fellow business owners and leaders, each group aims to bring together people at similar business levels but with diverse businesses. These groups are personally run by Lynda

Brave Leadership Teams – specific to your business, ideal for boards and owner operated partnerships

Brave Elements – One day workshop with Lynda helping you to apply brave thinking to your business.

Brave Intensives – 90 day blended programmes, subject specific deep dive and implementation programmes with the brave experts.

1:1 Mentoring – Lynda takes a few 1:1 clients a year, people who are ready to accelerate their growth and impact and prefer to work 1:1


Brave Scene Online

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. The bottlenecks, challenges and obstacles faced by their creators and leaders are surprisingly similar.


If your business is not delivering the results you want it is quite likely that you – or your mindset, are part of the problem.

How can we help you?

2023 Programme


BraveFest     June

Strategy by the Sea  November


Create the business you really want by doing what you believe in and not settling for less than you know, deep down, you are cable of contributing. 

Most successful people share some common values, beliefs and attitudes. Things like courage, being open to stretch and challenge, and being around people who help you to grow.  However passionate you are, however much you love your craft or business, it’s hard sometimes – it takes effort, engery and committment. Real success is that internal feeling of ‘yep I’ve got this’, when you go all in for the stuff that matters to you.

Most businesses get stuck at some point along their journey and most business owners and leaders need help to get unstuck.  The Brave team is headed up by Lynda Holt, who has spent over a decade studying psychology,  neurobiology and the way people behave. All of the development programmes and mentoring offered through Brave Scene are based on these learnings, together with practical experience of both running a successful business and working with 1000’s of other business owners and leaders. Your stories, the things you believe about your business, your people and yourself, may well be the very things that keep you stuck in your comfort zone and attached to your excuses. 

Brave Elements

This one day workshop uses the 5  Brave Business Elements  to get you refocused, unstuck and doing the things. Lynda will guide you through the model and how to apply it in different areas of your business.  Areas covered include:

  •  Neurobiology around business connection and how to use it.
  • Understanding the stories you tell yourself and how to deconstruct those that don’t serve you.
  • A road map for the next 90 days to ensure your work from the day actually gets implemented
  • Practical business advice on your specific challenges from Lynda

Brave BoardRoom

We all need a bit of back up, accountability, encouragement, or even butt kicking from time to time – yet as entrepreneurs, business owners we often have to look outside our own business for this. The Brave Boardroom is a mastermind group which brings people to the table who are courageous, value driven, ready to move their business forward and to support others around the table to do the same. 

Co working retreat

Taking two proven strategies for success, co-working and retreating, Lynda has created something magical for you personal and business growth. Step away from your usual surroundings, your day to day business activities and give yourself space to let go, to create and to grow. Connection, community and contribution bring out the best in us.