we talked business, neuroscience, alien invasions, money mindset, intentions, planning creating the right content, connection and much more at bravefest.

BraveFest 2019 is focused on creating a sustainable future for yourself and your business.

Let’s ditch the hustle in favour of mental wellbeing, let’s talk about solutions that actually work for smaller businesses and let’s work together to craft the next stage of your journey.

This unique business event will challenge you intellectually, physically and emotionally – possibly all at the same time.

It will also give you the space, the focus and the insight to build your business in a way that works for you.

If this sounds like a big ask for one weekend check out our highlights from last year.

BraveFest is for:

Business owners, creatives and leaders: if you are prepared to invest your time in growing yourself and your business.

Seekers: you know you have a contribution to make, you know there is more, but you haven’t found the best way to do it yet.

Explorers: you want to expand your horizons, try different things, learn cool stuff and enjoy the experience.

It is also for you if you feel stuck, overwhelmed or are not getting the results you want.

It is quite possible you – or something you are thinking, doing or worrying about – might be part of the problem.

What you will get at Bravefest?

10 great speakers all sharing the things they are passionate about and that are working in their businesses for them today.

The topics are varied and focus around building a business based on congruence, expertise and creating value.

This means working on yourself and your business.

You’ll explore some aspects of neuroscience, storytelling – both internal and external, how to craft and share you message, how to tap in to your inner creativity – yes we all have some, how to sustain a great relationship with money and how to embrace vulnerability, protect your mental wellbeing and stand in your own imperfect glory.

BraveFest 2019 Speakers Announced

What’s Included:

A mix of indoor and outdoor activities, seminars and workshops, campfires and BBQs, the three days are themed around courage, connection and contribution and you will be gently guided through the weekend towards your sustainable future.
These include water activities, country walks, equine facilitated learning, singing, drawing, comedy, yoga – all activities are optional and there will always be quiet space for you to chill, process or work on your business.

A chance to hang out with fellow BraveFesters – being in business can be lonely. Making decisions with imperfect information is tough. Keeping going in the face of obstacles (internal and external) can feel overwhelming. Connecting with others on similar journeys enables you to share, learn from each other and create magic – for yourself and for them.